How To Remove A PEX Crimp Ring Safely

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Removing a PEX crimp ring is a process that is made complicated by the fact that you must heat the ring to pull the teeth away from whatever pipe you are working with. The process has a few steps, and you need to have a few tools at your disposal so that you can do the job correctly without hurting yourself or damaging the pipe.

Which Tools Do You Need?

· A blowtorch
· A Dremel
· A flathead screwdriver

You need to have a blowtorch or some kind of heat source for heating the pipe, a Dremel or other cutter that will cut the ring from the pipe, and a flathead screwdriver. You might use a hacksaw to cut the ring as long as it is not so strong that it will cut the pipe at the same time. You will put the pipe back and use a new PEX ring when you are done. It would be a waste of your time and money if you burned the pipe, melted some of the metal, or cut the pipe.

Why Do You Need To Remove The Crimp Ring?

Removing the crimp ring is very important when you realize that you have a leak or a failed pipe. You need to start over completely, and removing the crimp ring allows you a fresh start. The crimp ring might have damaged the pipe, or the crimp ring might have been damaged because of something else that happened in the space. To be sure, you should replace the crimp ring.

How to Remove PEX Crimp Ring

The process takes only three steps, and you can learn how to do this even if you have never done any plumbing work before.

1. Cut The Crimp Ring

How To Cut A PEX Crimp Ring
You need to cut the crimp ring so that it will be ready to remove. Cutting the ring means that you have completely scored it from top to bottom. The ring will peel off much like the ring on a milk jug after you are done, and you need to be sure that you have cut all the way to the pipe without damaging the copper underneath.

2. Heat The Crimp Ring

You must heat the crimp ring enough to release it from the pipe, and you will find that you might need to keep the flame moving so that you do not burn any part of the pipe or the ring itself. The rims have plastic attached that could melt, and you do not want to have plastic stuck to the pipe. Heating the crimp ring will cause it to pull away from the pipe, and you can use your screwdriver to remove the ring the rest of the way.

3. Remove The Ring

How To Remove Crimp Ring
You need to slide the screwdriver under the ring so that it will release from the pipe. Do this carefully so that you do not scratch or damage the pipe. You now have a free pipe that you can use to attach another crimp ring if you need to. This is a simple process, but you should take your time so that you are save during the process.

Need more instruction? Watch this video for more.

Do You Need To Remove The Pipe?

You might need to remove the pipe because it is too close to a gas line or something else that is truly fragile or dangerous. You cannot heat the pipe if it is near another appliance, or you might be in close quarters that leave the fumes hanging in the area. You will smell some fumes coming off the crimp ring, and it would be better if you cut away the pipe section so that you can do the work in the open air. You can solder the pipe back together when the job is done.


There are many people who would like to remove their own PEX crimp ring, but they feel that that is impossible. You do not need to be a plumber to do this job, and you can complete the work in a very short amount of time. The crimp ring can be cut, heated, and pulled away from the pipe with relative ease. You can solder the pipe back into the place where it belongs, and you can even use a new crimp ring that has a good seal.

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