How To Use A Wire Stripper Safely

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In certain instances, it is necessary to use a wire stripper and easy to use. So if you have a project that requires needing to strip wire, no need to freak out and pay someone lots of money for something you can do yourself.

If you need to put wire ends into speakers or connect wires together, wire strippers will come in handy. Never deal with a live wire of course. Make sure you use all the proper tools and safety precautions when dealing with wire that can have electricity running through it.

The wire stripper is just for taking the insulation off of the outside of the wire. The insulation is usually a bright color of soft pliable plastic around the wire.

Precaution: Never strip wire when the wire is connected to an electrical outlet. Turn off circuit breakers and unplug electronics or lamps from the wall when stripping the insulation from the wire.

Here are easy to follow instruction for using wire strippers.

Required tools for wire stripping

The most important tool you need for wire stripping is a wire stripper. It is a tool with a grip and a flat plier looking front but not a plier.

It is equipped with holes of different measurements depending on the wire stripper. The measurement of the hole is what size wire you have to strip. It is important that the holes are sharp so they can handle multiple wire strippings when needed.

Sometimes you may want a needle nose plier in order to hold the wire in place while you are using your wire stripper. Some people have trouble holding a small wire in their hands. When you pick your favorite wire stripper at the hardware store, it is time to go home and put the wire stripper to use.

Wire strippers cost anywhere from $7.00 dollars to $199.00. The average price is about $16.00 to $25.00 dollars for a wire stripper. You may also want to buy it from a reputable tool brand.

Where to get wire strippers?

It is very easy to find wire strippers. You need to make sure that you buy it from a reputable source. You can easily go online and find a reasonably priced wire stripper and have it delivered to you in a few days.

You can also go to your local hardware store and choose from a variety of brands. They sell wire strippers in their tool section.

Some people are picky about the grip on their wire stripper, so by going to the store, you can get what you want.

Guide to use it

When using a wire stripper, you need the wire you are going to strip. You want to take your wire stripper into one hand. You will then simply fit your wire into the proper measurement on the wire stripper tool.

This may take a few tries unless you know the measurement. It is okay if you do not know the measurement. You can use a little trial and error to find the right hole. You will be able to tell which hole is the proper hole when your wire fits through the right hole.

The smaller holes will not allow your wire to go through. The larger holes will leave to much room for your wire to move around.

Once you have the right hole, put the hole at the approximate length you need to cut off the rubber coating. You will then clamp down on the handles until the tool stops.

Do not worry you will not cut through the wire. Do not spend effort trying to cut further once the tool has cut through the rubber coating.

You will be able to feel the tool cut through the soft plastic or rubber. Then the tool will stop. It is designed to stop short of the wire.

Then simply slide the plastic or rubber coating that you just cut off of the wire. Throw the little piece of plastic coating or rubber away.

You will then be left with an exposed wire. You are then able to proceed to use your exposed wire in the way that you need to.

Keeping your wire stripper clean and sharp

You can simply keep your wire stripper dust free with a cloth. If you have to, you can use soap and water to clean most wire strippers.

You do not have to worry about keeping the jaws of your wire stripper sharp. You can cut many wire coatings with it.

If for any reason at some point you can no longer easily cut through a coating on a wire with your stripper, it is time to get a new wire stripper.

The small areas are simply too small to try to sharpen. Wire strippers are not that expensive. You will just buy a new one when your old one wears out.

If you have any project that requires you to strip a wire of its coating, then you will need a wire stripper. It is easy to use as explained in this article.

As always make sure that you are never handling or cutting live wire. You can use a wire stripper to rewire lamps and help with rewiring many other projects.

Make sure to always think of safety first. Owning your own wire stripper is a good idea as they are inexpensive and you never really know when you need one.

When you do need one, it is good to have one. Make a wire stripper part of your tool collection today.

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