10 Best Bucket Tool Organizers (Reviewed February 2019)

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If tools put food on your table, then they deserve to be stored well. One of the most efficient ways of storing tools is the use of bucket tool organizers. These organizers are very essential as they not only keep your tools safe but also help keep you safe. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where your tools hurt you or one of them gets lost while you really need it, would you? Replacing tools can be quite expensive as so are hospital bills.

The biggest conundrum, for most tool owners, is choosing the best bucket tool organizer that suits their specific situation. It doesn’t matter whether you a handful of tools or a garage-full, to help you make the best choice. This will not only help you save money but also keep you out of the hospital. This is one product you must have with you.

Top 10 Best Bucket Tool Organizers 2019

Here is the ranking:

1. Dewalt DWST08202 Tough System 100 – Heavy duty bucket tool organizer

This is the top bucket tool organizer money can buy right now. It not only stands out for its premium design but also for its premium built. Moreover, Dewalt, the company building this case has a good track record in this market.
Dewalt DWST08202 Tough System 100 Bucket Tool Organizer with Tough System Tote and Large Tough System Case

Special Features and Benefits
☐ This Dewalt bucket tool organizer has a quite large interior for storage space. This is very convenient if you have a lot of tools or you have larger tools.

☐ There are also removable cups available in the bucket. 8 of them are for placing smaller tools and the other 4 are for larger tools. Isn’t that cool?

☐ This tool organizer also has a polycarbonate clear lid. This helps when it comes to the visibility of what is inside the box and structural toughness. You will always know what you have with you.

☐ The tool organizer also has its walls lined with thick structural form. The foam wall prevents your tools from damage in case of high impact or an accident.

☐ Strong and durable
☐ Fair price-quality ratio
☐ Convenient for bulk storage
☐ See-through clear cover
☐ Stackable

☐ Not for few tools
☐ Too heavy
☐ Polycarbonate lid not strong

I like this bucket tool organizer. It has been a while since we saw this level of durability, convenience and practicality combined in one product. I really loved the clear lid.

This product has one of the best reviews of any product on Amazon.

2. Akro-Mils 10144 D Hardware and Craft Cabinet – Most popular

This is an American product for the American people. You can tell this by its tough build and straight to the point design. This makes it one of the best bucket tool organizers. It works perfectly for small crafts and small hardware.
Akro-Mils 10144 D 20-Inch by 16-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch Hardware and Craft Cabinet

Special Features and Benefit
☐ The Akro-Mils is made of tough and rugged polystyrene that can withstand high impact. This makes the durability of this tool organizer, not a question but a guarantee.

☐ This organizer also features 32 unbreakable drawers. Therefore, you can assign each of your tools their special cabinet and thus making it easy to find each of them.

☐ The fact that this bucket tool organizer can be wall mounted or stacked makes it very cool. It is also very easy to stack or wall-mount it, this, therefore, giving you more storage.

☐ You can remove the drawer dividers anytime you want. This will give you more space if you want to store much larger tools and put the drawer dividers back when done.

☐ Easy organization
☐ Convenient for small tools
☐ Flexible storage space
☐ Affordable
☐ High-quality materials

☐ Optimized for smaller tools
☐ No wall foam
☐ Hard to remove and fix drawer dividers

The cabinet-like design surely differentiates this bucket tool organizer from the rest in the market. We like that we can either stack it or wall-mount it. This is very practical.

You can check out other variants of this product on Amazon and if black is too dull pick red.

3. Bucket Boss 10030 The Bucketeer BTO – best 5 gallon bucket caddy

Just from the name, you can guess that this is a special type of tool organizer. It’s specialty is what has put it in this list of the best bucket caddies. More stunting is that this one stays true to the name.
Bucket Boss Bucket Organizers

Special Features and Benefits
☐ The bucket design of this caddy makes it very convenient. This makes it very easy to use and very easy to arrange your tools inside and carry around.

☐ It has a large middle storage compartment that accommodates up to 5 gallons. This quite large space can come in handy if you have some large tools with you.

☐ There also 30 more assorted storage pockets in and around the bag. Thereby, you don’t have to choose between carrying larger tools or carrying smaller ones in the bucket.

☐ This is made of tough material. You can, therefore, trust it to withstand the wears and tears of day-to-day usage for longer bundled with the easy to carry phenomena.

☐ Easy to carry
☐ Super practical
☐ It has interior loops
☐ Numerous assorted pockets
☐ Large center storage

☐ Can’t stand high impact
☐ Can’t be stacked
☐ No large tools assortment

Haven’t you fallen in love with this product already? With all the small assorted pockets and the large center storage, there sure seems to be no stone left unturned.

You move around a lot with your tools at hand you should consider this.

4. Stanley Tools and Consumer Storage STST14028 – MultiLevel bucket Organizer

This is another special one’s of the bucket tool organizers list. This organizer takes a special emphasis on how you sort your tool inside it. It is full of crazy cool compartments. The real magic happens when you see how it sits when open.
Stanley Tools and Consumer Storage STST14028 MultiLevel Organizer

Special Features and Benefits
☐ This bucket tool organizer is designed for easy portability. It’s neither too heavy nor too cumbersome to carry. It is just the right amount of comfort to even carry by hand.

☐ It also features a multilevel storage capability. You can store your smaller tools on the top level and your larger tools on the lower level making it easy to access any tool you want.

☐ This organizer also offers great visibility thanks to its transparent lid. This makes it easy to locate what tool you want even before you open the bucket thus very convenient.

☐ Versatility is also a benefit of this tool organizer. You can carry in it just small tools, or large tool or even both small and large tools therefore for fulfilling your needs.

☐ It has multilevel
☐ Very portable
☐ Clear visibility lid
☐ It’s customizable
☐ Cantilever configuration.

☐ Too modular
☐ Hard to customize
☐ Quite heavy

The customization on this product is amazing and it surely deserves a place among the bucket tool organizers. It is also possible to open, bottom or both compartments thanks to the cantilever configuration.

The experience you will have with this tool organizer is notable and worth checking out.

5. Dewalt DWST08202 Tough System 100 with Clear Lid – Heavy duty, but not indestructible!

This is a lesser twin sibling of our number five bucket tool organizer. They share everything except for the fact that the less twin sibling here has a bit less features. You have to be quite keen to notice the difference.
Dewalt DWST08202 Tough System 100 Bucket Tool Organizer with Clear Lid

Special Features and Benefits
☐ There is quite substantial space in this bucket tool. This will allow you to put quite a lot of large tools in here without worry and there are also cups for smaller tools.

☐ One thing that sets the Dewalt brand apart from other brands is durability. Made of tough high-grade impact resistant material this will keep your tools very safe.

☐ The Dewalt Tough System Units are also known for their compatibility. You can buy one of these as a compliment to your older Dewalt unit and then you can stack them.

☐ These units are rated IP65 dust and water-resistant. You can take this bucket tool organizer anywhere and you can forget about the water or the dust ruining your tools.

☐ Water and dust resistant
☐ Super durable
☐ Easily stacked
☐ Clear visibility lid
☐ Structural foam walls

☐ Heavy to carry
☐ Fewer removable cups
☐ No smaller size

Just like it is more futuristic elder twin sibling, this Dewalt case does not disappoint. Couple that with IP65 water and dust resistant and you have got a beast of bucket tool organizers.

If the IP65 water and dust resistant are not enough to raise your eyebrow, see a doctor?

6. Wild River WL3506 – Good quality and well-designed bucket organizer

This bucket tool holder is made of pure high quality leather. Am sure you know how tough leather is. It’s like this was made for the tool owners who also enjoy so little fishing on the side and this is good.
Wild River by CLC Custom Leathercraft WL3506 Tackle Tek Rigger Lighted Bucket Organizer with Plier Holder and Retractable Lanyard

Special Features and Benefits
☐ This tool bucket has LED lights integrated on its handles. This can help with lighting in some dark working environments and long fishing trips and also has spare batteries.

☐ There is a clear watertight zipper pocket designed to hold your special documents. The visibility allows for readability of your licenses and maps even in wet environments.

☐ The fact that it can be worn on different buckets makes it very durable and cheap to maintain. In case your bucket gets damaged, the only thing you have to buy is a bucket.

☐ Versatility is the main feature of this bucket tool organizer. It has a lot of strap on parts that make it convenient when you want to travel light or to travel heavy.

☐ Easy to use
☐ Cheap to maintain
☐ Secure loops for tools.
☐ Fair price-quality ratio
☐ Easy to clean

☐ Bucket not included
☐ Not impact resistant
☐ Not stackable

Though this seems to be much directed towards a niche market, it is still quite good for general use. Its simple minor differences are what set it apart and put it among the top bucket tool organizers.

Imagine repairing a generator during a blackout and you will get a reason to check it.

7. Dewalt DWST08205 Tough System Tote – Large open interior for bulk storage

This Dewalt minding only the basics, only what is important. You want storage space? They go out of their way to give you that with this tool bucket. Its simplicity earned it a spot on the best bucket tool organizers for sure.
Dewalt DWST08205 ToughSystem Tote Bucket Organizer

Special Features and Benefits
☐ This Tough System unit boasts of having a gigantic space. This space is favorable for very large tools, spares parts of what you working on or smaller bucket tool organizers.

☐ Inside this tool bucket, there are several slots for storing dividers. If you want to dedicate a small part of the larger space to something specific you can use the dividers.

☐ This tool bucket is compatible with other Dewalt Tough Systems. It is therefore easy to stack them together in the garage to either create more working space or for neat storage.

☐ The inside of this tool bucket is lined with form while the outside is made of thick rigid materials. This makes it structurally safe and keeps your tools safe from high impact.

☐ Large open space
☐ Can be stacked
☐ Rigid structure
☐ Withstands high impact
☐ Easy to use

☐ Open top
☐ Unsuitable for small tools
☐ Not easy to divide

This is primarily for the large tools and, let’s say, the spare parts. It would be best you get this alongside a smaller bucket tool organizer. You majorly buy this to leave it stationary.

This is a great addition to anyone who has or wants to buy a closed top tool bucket.

8. Stanley 014725 – Professional tool organizer

Seems like Stanley, favors a lot storage solutions, 25 removable compartment. This is quite a good thing because we can see a much smaller version of the earlier reviewed made the cut for the bucket tool organizers. This is light user friendly.
Stanley 014725 25-Removable Compartment Professional Organizer

Special Features and Benefits
☐ The famous Stanley’s cantilever configuration is also found in this organizer. This makes it possible to, either open top and bottom separately or both of them at once.

☐ The transparent lid is also present here. This helps organize and find your tools much easier. On top of that helps you not forget a tool when leaving for work.

☐ The possibilities of customization of these bucket tool holders are endless. You customize each compartment to fit each of your tools perfectly by eliminating what you don’t need.

☐ This is a small unit and portability is very easy. You don’t have to waste a lot of energy carrying a large case with empty spaces while a smaller one is available.

☐ Very portable
☐ Very versatile
☐ Very customizable
☐ Cantilever configuration
☐ Fair price-quality ratio

☐ Unsuitable for large tools
☐ Not easy to use
☐ Hard to customize

Some of us don’t own a lot of tools and we prefer something that can easily slide under the bed or somewhere in the kitchen. This is for us.

Even if you are a heavy tool user, you can pick this up as your primary tool bucket.

9. CleverCrates Collapsible Storage Bin/Container – Best for transportation

This is for every other tool out there that maybe can’t fit in the other smaller tool buckets. Or maybe you just too lazy to arrange your tools in a customizable bucket just put them here.
CleverMade CleverCrates 62 Liter Collapsible Storage Bin/Container: Solid Wall Utility Basket/Tote

Special Features and Benefits
☐ This is a super space saver as it is collapsible. When this tool bucket is empty, all you got to do save space is to collapse it and you have space.

☐ This is a very tough and durable bucket tool organizer. It has solid walls and base that make it very suitable for heavy-duty work and heavy loads.

☐ This CleverMade Crate is very easy to clean. We both know that tools sometimes get dirty and that dirt gets to the tool bucket: just use a wet cloth to wipe.

☐ The load capacity of this tool bucket is amazing and by that alone, it could comfortably sit in the list of our bucket tool organizers. This can really hold a lot of tools.

☐ Super practical
☐ Space saving
☐ Very durable
☐ Large storage
☐ Easy to use

☐ No compartments
☐ No lid
☐ No interior foam

The purpose of this bucket tool organizer is very clear. It is for large or heavy tools. This tool bucket is better suited for your garage.

If you don’t have one of this, where do you put your heavy tools?

10. Bucket Boss AB30070 – Carrying handles for easy transport

I am sure, we have covered every possible top bucket tool organizer out there. Now it is time to get to a special entity and it’s Bucket Boss again with their cable bag. You got to have a place for all those cable and cords.
Bucket Boss AB30070 Cable Bag

Special Features and Benefits
☐ This bucket bag features a full zippered closure. This means that you can easily place your chords and cables into this bag and also remove them stress-free.

☐ The Boss Bucket Cable Bag has carrying handles on the top. This will make it easy for you to carry around as you go about with your work.

☐ This tool bag is small and very portable. It can fit anywhere very easily that is from the trunk of your car to inside you bucket tool organizer.

☐ The bag also has a from mesh pocket that is safely secured with a zipper. In this pocket, you can put in a few tools that you may need to work on the cables.

☐ Very portable
☐ Tough and durable
☐ Has carry handles
☐ Fully opens
☐ Easy to use

☐ Very niche product
☐ Limited use
☐ Not compartmentalized

This is a very niche product but despite that it does extremely well what it is supposed to do. The best thing about it is that it can fit anywhere.

You can’t afford not having this lying around in your bucket tool organizer.

How We Picked The Top 10 Bucket Tool Organizers

Here we compile for you the 10 best bucket tool organizers you can find on the market right now. This list wasn’t easy to put up. As the first of its kind online, we had to make sure that we go everything right. This meant that we had to do a lot of research on the products. We also took our time to consult both real product users as well as product experts. This was just to make sure that we had covered all angles of the product before compiling a list. Who understands a product better than the person who uses it on a day-to-day basis?

After doing all this extensively and being confident that we had exhausted all avenues, we compiled this list. Now we can be sure that here we got the best of the bucket tool organizers. All you got to do is pick one that suits you.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Bucket Tool Organizer

Keep this in mind, there are several things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the top bucket tool organizers. Each of these products serves different tool owners differently.

· Durability
The durability of the organizer should be a top priority for you. The more durable the product is the more reliable it is when it comes to keeping your tools safe. To add on that, a more durable organizer, will serve you longer than a less durable one. Durability can be judged on the quality of the materials used and the process of manufacture used.

· Price-Quality Ratio
It is always good to get the best deal out of anything you buy. You more than often make the mistake of going for the cheapest product on the shelf and this isn’t the best practice. The cheapest product is one that has the fairest price-quality ratio.

· Your tools
This is the most underrated factor when buying bucket tool organizers. Most of the time you will end up either buying a smaller organizer or an organizer that doesn’t suit your tools. It is important that you consider that you might buy some more tools soon. This might influence the type of organizer you buy.

· Portability and versatility
If you are the type of person who moves around with your tools handheld within a site, then you might have to consider a different type of organizer. This is compared to someone who wants to store his or her tools on a stationary place on site.


As you can see for yourself each of the product on this list deserves to be here. Each of the bucket tool organizers has its unique future that makes it stand out. Here, among these best bucket tool organizers, I can assure you that you will definitely find what suits you. You don’t have to worry anymore about what to go for.

Remember when making a choose of which of these top 10 bucket tool organizers to go for you need to consider the purpose, your budget and the design. The purpose is generally what you want to use the tool organizer for. Also don’t go beyond your budget as there is always something for everyone. If you have a small space you can consider a tool organizer that’s smaller or stackable.

By the way it’s okay to buy more than one if your purpose and budget both justify it. And get ready for 2019, we will bring some new bucket.

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